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Use It Or Lose It Challenge (with Prizes): Self-Care

We know this group is always up for a challenge (and in fact, with the summer Level Up Challenge, you have multiple ways to win entries for our Prize Wheel), so all that said…

What is this new challenge: 

We all have items that we purchased and really believe we will use (“Hello, dead sea face mask meet cashew butter protein bites”), but yet they just keep sitting there! Let’s address this issue head-on with a fun challenge…

We challenge you to use the item! Yes, really, try it out…but if you are not up to it, then you must “lose” the item by decluttering it from your home AND we challenge you to share the experience with the group!

Did that tea make you a better morning person? Did you get stuck in the Spanxs? Did you find something that is super amazing and you wonder why you denied yourself this product for so long?

We want to hear all the hilarious and insightful details!

Each week we will have a theme where we will share professional organizing tips for managing these items, but feel free to share anything you tried that week.

This week is all about self-care, but that doesn’t necessarily mean bathroom supplies. Think about things you have purchased to help you relax and improve/focus on you. This could include exercise equipment, candles, lotions & potions, home decor, etc. 

About Signing Up:

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Aug 27 2023


8:00 pm - 9:15 pm


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